Rakeman protects residents

By:Danny Tanner

LITTLEBURG-Just outside the border of Big City, a freak accident occurred. A power line snapped in two and almost hit a speeding car. Just as the pole came crashing to the earth, it was stopped by the powerful rake of our city's new savior. "Rakeman just appeared out of nowhere and held that power line up with his rake.", said Jackson Wyoming, an area laborer who was cutting the grass on the side of the road at the time. "I heard this loud crash like thunder and lightning and then the pole started to fall. Rakeman saved that car over there." A group of residents known as `The Leaf Blowers', have been speaking out about Rakeman and Hoeboy. "I know that Rakeman was behind this [pole breaking], he just so happened to be there when it happened. If you ask me, that's impossible.", said Victor Jolson, the spokesman for the group. Rakeman and Hoeboy could not be reached for comment.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Slow news day in Big City!

By:Bringles the Clown
Hey kids! We've got some exciting news for you. We have opened up the first section of the Junior Rakeman Club! That's right, the moment you have been waiting for is finally here! So click you interweb browsers to Big City News Online and click on the Junior Rakeman Club on the bottom left of the page! See you there!

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Movie shoot turns deadly.

Jennifer Norwood stops for a photo with her hero Rakeman.

By:Greg Falkenhiemer

DOWNTOWN-Today, the cast and crew of "Living La Vida Loca", were shocked to find that a bomb was hidden in one of the dressing rooms of one of the stars. "Luckily, once the bomb was discovered, Rakeman was called and he took care of the situation", says Phillip J. Fry, one of the technicians working on the bio-pic. As most of our citizen's know, the film is based on the writings of Jennifer Norwood, who stars as herself in the film. The bomb was discovered in her dressing room. "I couldn't believe that someone would try to kill me. What is that all about?", the young starlett said after the dramatic event. "Rakeman saved my life. He's a true hero."

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Monday, July 11, 2005

New signal saves beloved cat

Richard Menkowitz

By:Linda Huffinger

KINGSTON FALLS - Today city leaders used the new "Rake symbol" to summon the city's new heros. There was speculation on whether or not the new symbol would be able to be effective in summoning the new heros during the day. "We also have established a direct line of communication with Rakeman", police chief Dwight Yokum said in a recent press conference, "There is a phone in my office that connects directly to Rakeman."

The city was anxious to try the new system and was crossing its fingers for its success. At 11:36am, Big City got its chance. Little Lisa Beaty of the Kingston Falls neighborhood called the local fire department to ask for help.

"My kitty is stuck in the tree", Lisa says in the recording of the call she made to the fire department. Unfortunately, the fire brigade was already busy fighting the fire at Charo's Wax Museum on 38th street. "We just had nobody to send to help", dispatcher Sheila Smalton said.

So Sheila did the best thing she could think of, she contacted the police chief. He too had no one to spare, so he summoned Rakeman. He arrived moments later at the police station where the Chief Yokum quickly told him what was happening. Without wasting a breath, he was off to save the cat. He arrived in front of Lisa Beaty's and greeted the crying little girl.

"He told me to not be afraid and that he was going to help Peppermint." Rakeman then used his rake to pick the small, frightened and nonchalant cat out of the tree and back into the waiting arms of Lisa. The entire event lasted no longer than ten minutes, which put to rest the fears of the town in the response time of our city's new hero.

NOTE: Please check tomorrows paper as we investigate the negligence of the Big City police force.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rakeman reveals his plan to the world

By:Jack Trougson

BLEEDING HEART MILITARY BASE - In a sudden press conference held on the training grounds of Bleeding Heart military base, the local police and commissioners told the world about a new ally in their war on crime. His name, Rakeman and he has a sidekick named Hoeboy. The two have been seen recently around town and have raised many questions about who they are and what they want. "These two fine symbols of integrity are currently and will always look for ways to keep our cities safe.", Commissioner Joe Flobson said today to reporters. He went on to say that the city has been provided a signal to send to the duo alerting them to our cities need for assistance. "It will shine bright in the sky, a clear message to any wrong doers who think about entering our city."

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Friday, July 01, 2005

School Field Trip turns deadly.

By:Lisa Williamson

RIVERWALK - Mrs. Dimpleson's class was expecting an exciting day as they took a field trip from Robert Stack Elementary School to visit the new refracting pyramid museum along the new Riverwalk complex. The excitement that they were expecting was replaced by a different type all together. "The was all this loud noise, like the building was mad or something.", said Elvira Newport, age 9. She and 15 of her fellow classmates were inside the new museum when a woman dressed as a clown entered the main exhibit space and began robbing the museum of some of its most cherished works. "It was odd, she just walked in the door, paid the admission and then started robbing the place. In front of everyone. She must have been crazy.", said James Glubson who was working as a security guard at the time. "She had a seltzer bottle filled with something. She said was going to blow the place up." The calm group turned panicked when they heard of the mad woman's plan. "The children were crying for help, they were crying for their mommies and daddies". The children's cries for help seemed to be heard and they were soon out of harms way. Witnesses describe a loud crash coming from the roof and when they looked up, they saw two men rappelling down two zip lines. The odd woman seemed to know who they were, she looked up and screamed out their name. "She said `Rakeman and Hoeboy, you can't stop me, It's already begun!", and she disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The duo didn't seem to mind that she was gone. They just worked quickly to get the children out of harms way.

Photo by: Monique Brown/AGE 9
The liquid that the clown woman was spraying was now on fire and it was spreading. The children were crying in fear. "The two heroes kept telling the children it would be alright." They were attached to the zip line that they came down and shot to the top of the building and then zipped across the river to safety. While being rescued, Mrs. Dimpleson thanked her rescuers and asked who they were. "The younger of the two said that he was Rakeman and that she was going to be safe as long as he and his partner Hoeboy were watching.", she said. "I don't know why, but all the panic and nervousness that I felt was gone once he said that. I honestly believe our city will be safer with the two of them here to help us."

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